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East Renfrewshire residents are invited to join the Scottish Land Commission online at its latest virtual public meeting.

The meeting aims to give people the opportunity to talk about their local land, sharing the issues and questions they may have, and to find out about the Commission’s work to make more of Scotland’s land.

The informal meeting is one of a number which are being held – from Shetland to the Borders, and the Western Isles to Moray – to learn about residents’ views on the land in their local areas, and give the public a better understanding of the Commission’s work on land reform and the role of land in creating a successful Scotland.

Chair of the Scottish Land Commission, Andrew Thin, said: “Land is at the heart of Scotland’s identity, economy and communities, so it matters that it is owned and used in a fair and productive way.

“We are keen to meet with people across the country to discuss the work we are doing to deliver change so that the ownership and use of land realises Scotland’s potential.”

The meetings cover a wide range of topics – from modernising land ownership and transforming vacant and derelict land, to housing, land rights and responsibilities, and the work of the Tenant Farming Commissioner.

Andrew Thin added: “We want to speak with as many people as possible and are using online meetings to make that happen. Advances in technology have made virtual meetings much more accessible to a majority of the population, and we would encourage people to join us from the comfort of their own home to discuss how we can make more of Scotland’s land for Scotland’s people.”

The free event is being held online on Wednesday 14 December 2022 at 7:00 pm and all Renfrew and East Renfrewshire residents are welcome to attend. Book your free place now at

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